Cellular debakel


I am a Neurobiologist, so it’s not unreasonable to draw scientific comics too. When I worked on a Ciliate picture for a book, I just had the idea for this comic and it only took me 1 hour of work, from idea to the final drawing.My boss has awful comics of Cells in his office…so I thought: „Come on dude you can do better!“ (I don’t say, that my comic is better than all other Science comics…just saying that the one my boss has hanging on his wall are reaaaally bad ^^). So I would like to draw from time to time scientific comics too. (Don’t be afraid fellow gamers, the weekly gaming comics will go on and will be my main work. My gaming comics will also stay visible in the middle of my page and the scientific ones will be added as a „blog entry“. So guys I hope you like my first scientific comic! Stay tuned for more!


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