Fear the voting (brain) dead!

the voting dead

So we had the election for the president in Austria last sunday. And I am shocked how people in our country seem to forget the history of our country. Most people voted for the candidate of the right wing party… This picture shows my own opinion of the election and the people who voted for Norbert Hofer. I am really ashamed at the moment…

Baby belly art riddle


So my girlfriend is pregnant ( I guess a lot of you guys are just like „What this guy is becoming a father? The end is near…“) and she asked me to draw something on her baby belly. I really had no plan what…Darth Vader? Voldemort? Some other beloved Movie character? So I decided to make some sort of riddle for all friends, family and of course you guys. I used acryl colour and drew something on her belly which is a clue to the name and the gender our child is going to have. A little hint, it’s a character from an old lore. Weiterlesen