Baby belly art riddle


So my girlfriend is pregnant ( I guess a lot of you guys are just like „What this guy is becoming a father? The end is near…“) and she asked me to draw something on her baby belly. I really had no plan what…Darth Vader? Voldemort? Some other beloved Movie character? So I decided to make some sort of riddle for all friends, family and of course you guys. I used acryl colour and drew something on her belly which is a clue to the name and the gender our child is going to have. A little hint, it’s a character from an old lore.

Of course I want to give you a little motivation to guess. The person who is the first one to guess the right name and gender will be drawn in my next comic. So you guess and I will contact the winner. He/She sends me a picture of Him/Her and I will draw this person as a comic character in one of my next comics. (Only persons are allowed to join this riddle, whom I haven’t told the gender and name yet. I will ignore my friends who know it already ^^)

Have fun!

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