Game of clones

game of clones

Jeaaah I have to admit I really love to put myself into all kind of situations in my pictures. I had the idea for „Game of Clones“ one year ago and after watching Game of Thrones on monday again I really had to draw this. I have never ever drawn myself so often in one picture and I started to get sick of myself…^^

Baby belly art riddle


So my girlfriend is pregnant ( I guess a lot of you guys are just like „What this guy is becoming a father? The end is near…“) and she asked me to draw something on her baby belly. I really had no plan what…Darth Vader? Voldemort? Some other beloved Movie character? So I decided to make some sort of riddle for all friends, family and of course you guys. I used acryl colour and drew something on her belly which is a clue to the name and the gender our child is going to have. A little hint, it’s a character from an old lore. Weiterlesen


Usually you always remember games, you loved in your youth, a little bit different as they really are…
Next week i hope i will be able to start my new comic project. Stay tuned!

Modern gaming industry

Gaming industry changed in the last years. If you buy early access games you know that it will be overloaded with bugs. But if you pay for a game which is sold as „finished“ you expect a full working and tested game…But the first weeks in new games are the absolute horror and raise my bloodpressure. You have to wait for the first updates etc. to enjoy it fully. That’s the reason for this comic and i think a lot of you guys share my opinion.

„free“ to play

This weeks Comic deals with the Phenomenom of „free to play“ games. Who did never stumble over a so called „free to play“ game and thought at the first moment „hell jeaaaah this looks awesome and it’s for free!“? But everybody who has tried games like this knows…nothing is for free, there are always barriers which have to be paid for.

Walking Dead

After playing a lot of „Dying light“ in the last weeks and thinking about the nature of Zombies I really wondered how those stumbling Meatbags manage to stay „alive“. Like a Perpetuum mobile they just produce energy without any input ( apart from a few bites they take from time to time). So i wanted to draw this week how the first Zombie was created…and every time i think of Zombies i have Rick in front of my eyes shouting for his son ^^.

Let’s Play

I am one of those guys who loves to watch Let’s Plays but a lot of people out there don’t understand this passion. What i don’t get is, that watching sports instead of games is ok…^^