Roger and out

It’s Ark Survival Evolved time again. People kept telling me that the survivor of my Ark comics reminds them of Stan Smith from „American Dad“. So here is the explanation why they look similar ^^.


This weeks gaming comic deals with Ark Survival Evolved again. I love to work in old TV show characters in my comics and I hope everybody can remember the show „Dinosaurs“. I was really into this show as a child and one of the most impressive characters was Sinclairs boss Mr. Richfield. He was a creepy Triceratops and he scared the sh*t out of me. I am happy for every support, so share and like the hell out of my stuff! ^^

Wait a second…

It’s Ark Survival time again this week! O.K….. I know for this one you need a very dark humor. I really struggled with myself if I can do this one, but on the other hand it’s my sense of humor so what the hell ^^. Weiterlesen


Ark Survival Evolved means civilizing a world full of gigantic cruel animals and hostile surroundings. You build yourself cloth, buildings and furniture to bring some normality in this world… and then you and your mates start to sh*t in every corner of your beloved house like some incontinent barbaric cavemen. Remember this information for your real life: Never sh*t where you eat! Congratulations to the wife of Tobias W. who guessed the gender and the name of my future baby in the last contest (It’s Helena from the trojan story). Therefore I drew you as the lady who has to deal with this incontinent caveman! ^^

I love you, you tame me…

After a long pause of Ark Survival Evolved I decided to play this game again. I wanted to show this week, how Ark Survival Evolved can change you in real life…and scare the sh*t out of children..^^ Weiterlesen

World war Ark

When i heard about the Halloween special in Ark i just was like…WHAT? Come on Zombie Stuff? When you are living in a cruel Dinosaur dominated world do you really need another threat? So my weekly comic deals with Zombie Dodos this time. First i wanted to make some reference to „The Walking Dead“ but then i thought of the big pile of Zombies in „World War Z“ and imagined how F***ed you would be if a Zombie Dodo Army would attack your walls. One single Dodo Zombie would just be like a biting football, but a whole bunch of them….Get the hell out of there

You had one job Pete…

Did you know that there were two Arks in former Times? Noah and Pete were asked to build them, Noah chose wood for his Ark but Pete thought it would look more badass if his Ark was made out of stone and Jungle. One Ark out of wood, one made out of stone….we all know which one got famous…and which animals got extinct….^^.
I Just wanted to play with the thought of the Ark island being a real Ark, trying to save the Dinosaurs from extinction.

Happy for the oil

You ever wondered what it’s like for your Dinosaur if you use his Inventory and put all your crap in it? You should hope that PETA will never notice! Big thanks to Jamie A. who inspired me for this weekly Ark Comic!

Dossier Playboy

This time i wanted to show you the mystery behind the Dossiers, what they were actually thought for and the artists who are responsible for those Dinosaur drawings.


Did you ever wonder where Airdrops come from and whats the mystery behind them? In this Ark comic i show you the mechanics behind this mysterious secret.