Everybody in Rust knows this situation. You are trying to hunt an animal and BAM it’s magically flying onto some rocks. That’s no bug guys… it’s just some sort of weird futuristic technology…. (Or why do you think they don’t remove this annoying sh*t from the game ^^).

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My gaming Clan („MAN“-Mighty And Naked) decided, that it is time for our own Rust server, so feel free to join me gaming: MAN Rust

I also got a lot of friend-requests after releasing my comics, so I created this Steam group to bring them all together: Grande gaming comics

So finally the next weekly gaming comic is online. Sorry for the delay guys, but I had no time for drawing because me and my girlfriend moved together and it was a lot of stuff to be moved from one place to the other. It’s Rust comic time again and it deals with the accuracy of the Eoka pistol. I mean… come on… this inaccurate piece of garbage is nearly as useful as a colander for carrying water… or stones in your pockets when you are drowning… or… god you know what I mean ^^.

Endless story

I have the problem of starvation in Rust lately. Sometimes I really have the feeling, that my character has become obese because she can eat a whole horse and is hungry again after 5 minutes… So I took my thoughts of starvation and one of my favourite TV shows (family guy) and combined them into this story ^^.

Death by Snu Snu

This weeks comic deals with the high number of women in Rust. Men got nearly extinct and this remembered me of the amazon woman episode of Futurama and their sentence to death by „snu snu“. I am a big futurama fan so I really thought, that everybody would know this episode, but when I showed this comic to my girlfriend she was just like „Ehm snu snu? What are you talking about?“. So I really hope, that I am not the only big Futurama fan out there ^^. (If you want to know of which episode I am talking about it’s called „Amazon women in the mood“ Season 3 Episode 1.

Silly old bear…

The idea for this comic, where a beloved Figure is getting turned into low grade fuel, haunted my head for some weeks now. In the first sketch I drew Yogi bear, but I cancelled the idea because he just isn’t cute enough. I mean come on he is stealing baskets full of food from people, he deserves a punishment somehow ^^. So I chose Winnie Pooh as Animal Fat supplier…I am sorry for ruining some childhood memories…^^

Survival childhood

I am becoming a father this summer, so I asked myself…how could survival games affect the upbringing? I am always joking about my child becoming the king during an apocalypse, because I will teach him/her my social knowledge from Rust, Dayz and every kind of apocalyptic TV show. My girlfriend on the other hand has a different opinion… women….^^

Holy Respawn

If Jesus story teaches us anything about survival games…then that it’s always good to have a safe house for respawning! Happy easter everybody!

Virtual reality

I think everybody wants to experience Survival games with Virtual Reality Headsets, like Oculus rift, too. But is this really a good idea…for your surrounding? Imagine your poor family watching you behaving like some sort of neanderthal man, climbing back on the evolutionary ladder


When they announced, that female characters will be established in the world of Rust, my mind went crazy. I mean…come on…everybody is beating the sh*t out of everybody…what will happen when naked females will populate this apocalyptic world? I don’t want to drop the „rapist bomb“…but jeah actually I want to ^^.

„Weapon“ crate

This deals with Rust and the „treasures“ you find in weapon crates at the moment. I can remember a time, when weapon crates contained actual weapons!