10 points from Gryffindor!

This weekly Comic isn’t about Star wars battlefront, it’s about the new movie. When i watched it, this popped up in my head instantly…and i guess i am not the only one ^^

Tauntauns are cozy

I always wonder where all the crazy vehicles are in Star Wars Battlefront. Like Tauntauns on Hoth which were included in the first Battlefront i have played on the x-box…so there is just one explanation for me, where the Tauntauns went..^^

It’s time to duel!

In this weekly Star wars Battlefront Comic i wanted to show how the Hand-Cards actually work.

Stormtrooper camouflage

Stormtroopers have the worst camouflage ever…i mean who designed their suits, did the designer even know what the worlds outside look like? Shadow Stormtroopers instead have more chances…

Ewok trenches

It’s really impossible to duck anywhere on hoth to be safe. Even the Trenches aren’t safe after all because they seem to be just 30 cm deep.


You know the situation when you spawn on enemy ground? This comic explains how this works