art critics these days…

After a long pause it’s Forest time again. As usual I want to show you the sensitive side of the cannibals. I am sure you guys have watched their „art“ and asked yourself :“What the f*ck?“. The artist may seem like some crazy Bob Ross out of hell, but imagine how hard it is to do art on an island like this. The main ressources are: Wood, Tennisballs and human body parts. So how could we judge this artist ^^.

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Those birds…they are getting angry

This weeks gaming comic deals with „The forest“ again. Going on the hunt for feathers is one of the most important things in this game (I get nightmares without a bow and a load of arrows ^^). Best spot to farm feathers is definitely the beach, smacking a ton of seagulls who always use to land near their dead comrades. After this massacre the beach always looks like some kind of Bird battlefield (like bird william wallace wanted to lead his people into freedom). This scenario inspired me for this gaming comic.

Want some candy?

People always think, that the cannibals took the boy because of some man eating business…that’s just a prejudice! Not all Cannibals are heartless bastards, some of them are just like us…creepy but ready to help. ^^

Story of the missing boy

When I started the „The Forest“ comics I wanted to show everything out of the Cannibals view. I didn’t want to show them as the brutal creatures, but friendly persons who are just a little bit different. What if they just kidnapped the boy in the beginning to help him?  (Jeah you could say: „They are making art out of people and parts of them, of course they are the bad ones“ But this is just anoter story ^^)

He has a good personality

This weekly Comic deals with „Forest“ again. Did you ever wonder where this squishy Octopus like Cannibals come from? Here is the answer ^^

Grill Bear Grylls

I wondered what would happen if Bear Grylls was dumped into the wilderness of Forest… I really couldn’t resist on this one ^^

Cannibals have feelings too

Those Cannibals in „The Forest“ should be the greatest threat on the Island, but to be honest, I have eaten so many of them that Jamie Oliver asked me for my recipes.