I love you, you tame me…

After a long pause of Ark Survival Evolved I decided to play this game again. I wanted to show this week, how Ark Survival Evolved can change you in real life…and scare the sh*t out of children..^^

I really was surprised how different gamers are in Ark and Rust. When I started to build my base, a guy riding a big dinosaur came by and watched me. I just thought „So now you are getting beaten the shit out of you…“ because that’s exactly what would happen in Rust. But then the guy helped me and gave me a lot of stuff to start my first base. I really was not expecting this. Even when a second gamer came by, on a big Rhino, he just started a talk with me (instead of onehitting me) I couldn’t and still can not believe how different gamers of this two games are.


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