George R.R. Martin… Come on!

George R.R. Martin come on… COME ON! I mean how long can it take to write a complex massive

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Winter is coming

I was able to show my newborn daughter snowflakes for the first time in her life yesterday. (Actually she didn’t care at all because her soft toy was more interresting ^^). Gaming Dad loves to put more dramatic into the announcing of the beginning of winter… and definitely more work ^^.

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George R.R. Martins addiction. Spoiler alert!

If you haven’t seen the latest Game of Thrones Episode (Episode 5 Season 6), you won’t get this joke. But I don’t want to spoiler you guys so I won’t write exactly what happened in this episode. During watching I was just like „Come oooon George R.R. Martin…whyyyyyy do you want to see me cry?“ (I really had some tears in my eyes, looked at my girlfriend and repeatedly said „Hold the door!“) Everybody knows that George R.R. Martin wants to see you cry and rip your heart out, but I wanted to show why he is this heartless bastard. George R.R. Martin seems to be addicted to tears, just like the tooth fairy is addicted to teeth. ^^ So I decided to draw him in his working suit… HOLD THE DOOOOOR! ;(

Game of clones

game of clones

Jeaaah I have to admit I really love to put myself into all kind of situations in my pictures. I had the idea for „Game of Clones“ one year ago and after watching Game of Thrones on monday again I really had to draw this. I have never ever drawn myself so often in one picture and I started to get sick of myself…^^