Winner Winner Chickendinner

Hey Guys! In this weeks Comic, Gaming Dad does a visit in Playerunknown’s Battleground again… and he is f*cking pissed ^^. If you want to read and follow my Comics in German just click here: . Feel free to leave a Comment and a Like


George R.R. Martin… Come on!

George R.R. Martin come on… COME ON! I mean how long can it take to write a complex massive

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Did you ever sell any game to your local Gamestop store? If yes you know what I am talking about…  I really don’t understand why people are even selling their Games to them ^^.

Books these days…

I have finished my children’s book lately, but the way to publish it is just a rocky road full of stones called „taxes“. If someone has experiences with self publishing and the completely devastating tax system, don’t be shy and give me some advice ^^.

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground might ruin Real Life experiences

I really missed drawing comics while working on my Project „Renown“ for our Company „Yodelgames“. So I really enjoyed it yesterday to spend some time for Gaming Dad again. I have been playing a lot of PlayerUnknown’s Battleground lately, so I thought I should do the Comic about my latest addiction.

Easter traditions…

Some families have weird traditions for their holidays… but some of them have even weirder traditions. Gaming Dad sure is one of the biggest weirdos on this planet and so his traditions are kind of… jeah.. ehm… you will see…

Every god damn Survival Game…

I love Survival games! And I f*cking love Rust. It’s definitely one of my favourites and I return to this sick piece of game over and over again. After being crucially slaughtered in „for Honor“all the time, I needed a break and went back to the slaughterhouse called „Rust“. It is one of the cheapest games I have ever bought, but for sure one of the best too!

Who you gonna call?

Gaming Dad loves to play with his daughter, but sometimes he seems a little bit too ambitous… I guess ^^

Cookies in the Membrane

O.K. I have to admit… Gaming Dad seems to lose his mind more and more. Sometimes I just think „Should I draw myself so god damn stupid?“ And then I think „F*ck it why not!“ ^^. Support me by liking and sharing my work and feel free to leave me a comment.