Cookies in the Membrane

O.K. I have to admit… Gaming Dad seems to lose his mind more and more. Sometimes I just think „Should I draw myself so god damn stupid?“ And then I think „F*ck it why not!“ ^^. Support me by liking and sharing my work and feel free to leave me a comment.


Climate Change isn’t real!

It seems that stupid people are gaining ground at the moment. It’s really a hard time for people with a weak mind like Gaming Dad. (Ok I guess it’s more difficult for people/Animals who live with those weak minded persons at the moment ^^)

Natural enemies

Ok I admit this one got a little bit darker than it supposed to be. ^^ Thanks for subscribing!

Scary little beasts

„Children in horror movies are scary as f*ck“ – quote from Gaming Dad, the Dalai Lama and all the rest of humanity ^^.

The Battlefield 1 vs. Call of Duty incident

After playing Battlefield the first time long loooooong time ago I am a big fan of this series. I just imagined: „What could be one of the worst things, your daughter says to you, in relation to gaming?“ This is it…definitely.

Prepping like a pro

I have watched a lot of Prepper documentations and TV shows and I have asked myself: „How would you prepare for a social breakdown“. I came to the conclusion, that it would be easier to buy a weapon and loot the sh*t out of Preppers when the world goes down ^^.

No Cabin in the woods…

This weeks Gaming Dad Comid deals with one of my favourite outdoor experiences…Camping! You ever thought how camping would look like if you are completely messed up by games, movies and Tv shows? That’s it! ( I really had to put a scene from spongebob in here ^^)


Today I want to show you the nightmare of every father, trying to protect his little girl from the barbarian hordes of boys. But if your child is as nerdy as you, lean back and try to avoid a heart attack by every misinterpretation you will make ^^. I hope everybody is getting the reference of the last panel (Dr. Who) ^^.

No Man’s Sky VS Real-Life

I think every gamer knows this situation: You love doing things in games, which you hate in Real Life. I for example loved to farm and plant stuff in Minecraft, but every flower I touch in Real-Life instantly commits suicide ^^. I tried to show this in a more extreme way and had to think of No Man’s Sky and the Mars one expedition.